The DCDC is excited to launch a community-wide DeWitt Delivers marketing campaign that will celebrate the amazing assets of the DeWitt community!  The goals are numerous, but most importantly, we want to educate our local residents and businesses and instill a sense to LIVE LOCAL, GET INVOLVED, and BE PROUD of our progressive, vibrant community.

Discover all the ways that DeWitt Delivers:

Community article & Did You Know? facts! 

Education article & Did You Know? facts!

Real Estate article & Did You Know? facts!

Manufacturing article & Did You Know? facts!

Shopping & Dining article & Did You Know? facts!

Volunteer article & Did You Know? facts! 

Health and Wellness article & Did You Know? facts!  

Agriculture article & Did You Know? facts!

Recreation article & Did You Know? facts! 

Civil Servants article & Did You Know? facts!

Attractions article & Did You Know? facts!

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Get Social!!

We challenge you to get social with the DeWitt Delivers Campaign and use the #dewittdelivers in your "around town" photos!  Unsure of what a # is? Click here to learn more!!

How to #dewittdelivers:

Go to your favorite place in DeWitt. It can be a quiet park or a busy restaurant, listening to live music, in your office or at a sporting event for example!

Take out your phone and take photo or even a selfie.   
Navigate to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
Post your picture with the hashtag #dewittdelivers, you can even tell us why you love this spot in DeWitt so much and challenge at least 3-5 of your friends to do the same!!

Getting social with DeWitt Delivers is a fun and interactive way to show your pride in the community!! 

Show your community pride in DeWitt and include the DeWitt Delivers logo on your business’s or organization’s marketing materials. Click here for the DeWitt Delivers style guide

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  • By hosting a Revive After Five in September, we were able to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with the DCDC membership and gain great exposure in our community.

    - Kathy Donahue, Hansen Monuments

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