A decision to locate in DeWitt ensures access to a skilled and motivated workforce.  The DCDC works closely with employers and our training partners to develop the workforce needed for tomorrow's labor demands. With over 40 colleges and universities within a 90-mile radius of the DeWitt area, we have ready access to educated and highly skilled individuals.  You’ll also find wage levels favorable to your overall cost of doing business.

Labor Force Data

DeWitt draws from a laborshed of more than 176,000 individuals and is located in a six county region.

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Workforce Training

The DCDC has an excellent partnership with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges as we work together to administer programs and provide custom-designed training that meet your workforce training needs.

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Business Education Partnership

Helping our area K-12 students explore career paths right here in our own backyard is the key focus of our Business Education Partnership program.

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Employment Opportunities

DeWitt offers opportunities for fulfilling careers, a rewarding work/life balance, and a safe community with great schools.

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Look Local First

Looking for a specific good or service? LOOK LOCAL FIRST and explore the over 200 local members in our DCDC Business Directory.

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  • Joining the DCDC marketing committee has allowed me a great opportunity to be a part of a group of local people with widely varying backgrounds, challenges and objectives. We have united around a set...

    - Rev. Paul Lang, Emmaus Road Church

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