The DCDC has an excellent partnership with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges as we work together to administer programs and provide custom-designed training that meet your workforce training needs.  The following are just a few of the unique advantages that Eastern Iowa Community Colleges can offer to your business:

Hiring Assistance

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges can assist in the recruitment and hiring of your workforce through the following activities:

  • Assistance with hiring processes, including candidate screening, interview assistance, coordination with local media, and onsite recruitment and interviews
  • Coordination of job fairs for new and expanding companies
  • Provide labor market information
  • Referral of skilled candidates
  • National Career Readiness Certification testing
  • Customized training for eligible individuals
  • Work Experience and Internship opportunities

Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program (260E) Advantage

A unique benefit only found in Iowa, the Iowa New Jobs Training Program was developed to assist businesses that are creating new jobs. If your business is expanding Iowa operations or locating a new facility in the state, the New Jobs Training Program can provide flexible funding to meet the wide variety of training and employee development needs of your new employees. The assistance available includes funds for screening and assessment, reimbursement of wages/salaries of new employees, travel for training purposes, in-plant instruction, costs of training facilities, equipment, and supplies, etc.

Iowa Jobs Training Program (260F) Advantage

This Iowa Jobs Training Program invests in customized training to upgrade the skills of existing employees.  Funding is done through a forgivable loan.  Forgiveness is dependent upon your business following a training plan, training the number of people you say you will, and completing the training within 24 months.

John T. Blong Technology Center Advantage

The Blong Technology Center, Iowa’s most advanced manufacturing training center, is 15 miles from DeWitt and has advanced manufacturing programs including electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, welding, CNC, logistics and CAD.  All training programs can be delivered to employees at the Center or at your facility.

For a complete list of training incentives available to your qualified business, please click here

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