DCDC Community...View Gallery

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  • Aquatic Center
  • Aquatic Center
  • Springbrook Country Club
  • Springbrook Country Club
  • Westbrook Park
  • Westbrook Park
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Westbrook Park Baseball Diamond
  • Paarman Park
  • Paul Skeffington Memorial Trail
  • Paul Skeffington Memorial Trail

Member Events...View Gallery

  • 2018 Member Choice Award Winners
  • 2018 Year in Review
  • 2018 Year in Review
  • 2018 Year in Review
  • 2018 Year in Review
  • 2018 Year in Review
  • October Revive After 5 event
  • October Revive After 5 event
  • Golf Bash 2018
  • Golf Bash 2018

Healthcare...View Gallery

  • Genesis Medical Center
  • MDI Board
  • De Witt Physical Therapy
  • Outpatient Surgery
  • Radiology
  • Emergency Department
  • Lab

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  • DeWitt Aquatic Center

Community...View Gallery

Attractions &...View Gallery

  • Hausbarn
  • Central Performing Act Center
  • Operahouse Theater
  • Lincoln Highway
  • Lincoln Highway
  • Historical Society
  • Historical Society
  • John Bloom mural
  • John Bloom painting

Central DeWitt...View Gallery

  • Front wall
  • Ekstrand Elementary
  • Ekstrand Elementary
  • Students of Ekstrand Elementary
  • Student of Ekstrand Elementary
  • Student of Ekstrand Elementary
  • Student of Ekstrand Elementary
  • Central DeWitt Intermediate School
  • Students walking in
  • Central DeWitt Middle School
  • DeWitt student
  • DeWitt Student
  • Central DeWitt High School
  • High School Gym
  • Football Field
  • Football players

DCDC TeamView Gallery

  • 3 girls
  • Angela and April
  • Angela
  • April, Kim Broders, Angela
  • Molly and April
  • Ambassadors

Our City:...View Gallery

  • City Hall
  • Frances Banta Waggoner Library
  • Welcome to DeWitt
  • Downtown Area
  • John Bloom

Historic DeWittView Gallery

  • 1st Clinton County Courthouse - DeWitt, IA - built in 1854
  • 6th Ave DeWitt, IA looking south. St. Joes Church steeple in background - circa late 1800's
  • 6th Ave looking north DeWitt, IA - summer 1924
  • 6th Ave looking north from 8th St - DeWitt, IA -Circa late 1930s
  • 6th Ave. and  9th St. DeWitt, Iowa.  East side of  the street where the Deke building is, to the left is the old library - Circa 1907
  • 6th Ave. west side - DeWitt, IA - Circa 1868
  • Birds eye view of DeWitt, IA 6th Ave. -1909
  • Corner of 6th Ave and 10th Street - early 1930s
  • DeWitt Opera House - 1884
  • DeWitt Public Library - 9th St & 6th Ave DeWitt, Iowa -built in 1907
  • DeWitt Savings Bank on 6th St. - Circa early 1920's
  • DeWitt water towers at corner of Lincoln Park,  6th Ave & 10th St.
  • DeWitt, IA business district - Circa early 1920's
  • DeWitt, IA main st looking north - Circa 1910's
  • DeWitt, Iowa - West side of 6th Ave - 1905
  • East side of 6th Ave DeWitt, IA- Circa late 1800's
  • Farmers Home Insurance building Pacific House Hotel -DeWitt, Iowa - corner of 6th Ave & 10th Street DeWitt, IA - Circa late 1800's
  • Hotel Dell, DeWitt, IA -corner of 7th St & 6th Ave -1907
  • Main St DeWitt, IA -1907
  • That's Where The Tall Corn Grows! DeWitt, IA - 1924
  • The Pacific House DeWitt, Iowa - SW corner of 6th Ave & 10th St intersection - Circa 1920's
  • West side of Main St. (6th Ave) DeWitt, Iowa -Circa 1800's

Clinton County...View Gallery

Clubs and...View Gallery

  • NHS
  • Night Lions
  • City of DeWitt Staff
  • Speech
  • Special Olympics
  • Parade
  • SFTS
  • FBLA
  • FBLA

Get InvolvedView Gallery

  • Hansen Monuments
  • First Central State Bank
  • 4 gentlemen
  • DCDC Board Members
  • Hometown Christmas
  • Ambassadors rewarding Subway in DeWitt

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  • “The DCDC provides us with highly effective resources and assistance to get our message out.  The staff is always friendly and willing to do anything they can to help see our business grow. “... more
    - Hannah A. Perrone, First Central State Bank

  • “The DCDC presented Hansen Monuments with a “Spotlight of Success” award honoring our 25th year as a DeWitt business!   We can’t say enough good about the DCDC and our community support!”... more
    - Kathy Donahue, Hansen Monuments

  • “Revive After Five events not only give business owners and employees an opportunity to network but also the ability to gather together and celebrate this wonderful place we call home.” ... more
    - First Central State Bank

  • “Being a member of the DCDC has positively impacted our business by allowing us to get more involved in the community.”

    - Marty Spies, Kunau Implement
  • “By getting to know us, the DCDC can tell people what we offer and send them our way.”

    - Marty Spies, Kunau Implement

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