Go local and give Chamber Bucks! By purchasing Chamber Bucks, you are keeping dollars in our community. In the fiscal year of 2015-16 over $36,000 in Chamber Bucks were purchased, that’s a lot of Bucks and a direct boost to our local economy! You are also providing the recipient with many choices and the convenience of using their gift close to home!     

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Chamber Bucks FAQs

Where can Chamber Bucks be purchased?
Chamber Bucks can be purchased at DeWitt Bank & Trust Company, DeWitt Chamber & Development Company (DCDC), Emma Rae's Antiques & Uniques and First Central State Bank.

What denominations are Chamber Bucks available in?
Chamber Bucks are available in $5 and $10 denominations. Purchases must be equal to or greater than the amount of the certificate. The certificate is not redeemable for cash.

What forms of payment can I use when purchasing Chamber Bucks?
Chamber Bucks can be purchased with cash or check.

Do I have to use my Chamber Bucks in a certain amount of time?
There is a 6-month expiration date on Chamber Bucks.

What if I have a large order for Chamber Bucks?
Call ahead to the DCDC to place your order and we will have them ready for you to pick up. (We appreciate at least 48 hours notice.)

Where can Chamber Bucks be redeemed?
Chamber Bucks are redeemable at many of the 200 plus DCDC members.

I am a business and not sure what to do with the Chamber Bucks I just received from a customer?
Chamber Bucks can be redeemed only by DCDC member businesses.  Chamber Bucks work like checks, in that a business receiving a Chamber Bucks certificate simply deposits it like any other check.  Chamber Bucks with a past expiration date cannot be redeemed. 

Have a question we haven’t covered?  Please contact us directly at 563-659-8500 or send us your question.

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  • Great referrals!  People find my business on the DCDC website, bringing new customers through my door.

    - Cheryl Housman, Graphic Elements
  • By hosting a Revive After Five in September, we were able to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with the DCDC membership and gain great exposure in our community.

    - Kathy Donahue, Hansen Monuments
  • Networking is only one of the many valuable tools the DCDC provides.  First Central State Bank is now able to spread the word on such things as Grilling for Charities, Bake Sales, Benefits and...

    - First Central State Bank
  • Being a member of the DCDC has assisted me in establishing business relationships with other DeWitt business owners and managers.

    - Vanessa McNeely, Central Performing Arts Center
  • As a pastor at a local church, I chose to become a member of the DCDC because I want to better understand what our local businesses are concerned about and possibly find a way to help make a...

    - Rev. Paul Lang, Emmaus Road Church

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