The DCDC contributes to the vitality of the business community as a whole while at the same time contributes to the success of individual businesses. There are many benefits, both tangible and intangible, that go along with being a part of our progressive and community-focused organization.

Focused Support

The DCDC recognizes the significance of small business to a strong and stable economy. We visit with our membership on a regular basis to identify challenges you are facing and use that collected information to build opportunities and provide support to our entire membership. We actively cultivate relationships with local, state, and federal elected officials and staff in order to advance our shared goals of job creation, economic growth, and a business climate conducive to success.


The DCDC organizes monthly Revive After Fives, quarterly lunch & learn sessions, an annual business expo and golf bash , along with other DCDC sponsored community events, all which provide your business opportunities for additional exposure within our community.  Through involvement in any of our task forces and committees, you will begin developing key relationships with other local businesses and professionals while strengthening your organization’s and your own personal ties to the community. Taking advantage of networking opportunities connects you with the DCDC’s growing network of businesses.


We bring exposure to your business through a multitude of media options including our website’s online member directory and community calendar, social media sites, monthly newsletter, and weekly “What’s Happening in DeWitt?” emails. We exclusively refer our members daily through inquiries received via phone, mail, email, and walk-ins.  We also promote a specific DCDC business or organization monthly through our Member Spotlight program. This program is in partnership with the business hosting that month’s Revive After Five event. This member is in the spotlight on the DCDC Facebook page and monthly newsletter, giving the member additional visibility.

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The proof is in the numbers!

When consumers know that a small business is a member of a Chamber of Commerce/Economic Development organization, the business enjoys:
  • 49% increase in its consumer favorability rating
  • 73% increase in consumer awareness
  • 68% increase in its local reputation
  • 80% increase in the likelihood that consumers will patronize the business in the future
  • Two-thirds of consumers believe that local chamber/economic development member companies use good business practices, are reputable, care about their customers, and are involved in the community
  • If a company shows that it is highly involved in its local chamber/economic development organization, consumers are 10% more likely to think that its products stack up better against its competition.


** These statistics come from The Schapiro Group, an Atlanta-based strategic consulting firm, who conducted a national survey in 2012 that indicated consumers are more likely to do business with a company if it’s a member of their local chamber of commerce/economic development organization.

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Take Their Word

  • I optimize my DCDC membership by attending and participating in DCDC’s organized events such as Lunch & Learns, Revive After Fives, Retail meetings, Hometown Christmas, Autumn Fest and other well...

    - Vanessa McNeely, Central Performing Arts Center
  • Great referrals!  People find my business on the DCDC website, bringing new customers through my door.

    - Cheryl Housman, Graphic Elements
  • Being a member of the DCDC has assisted me in establishing business relationships with other DeWitt business owners and managers.

    - Vanessa McNeely, Central Performing Arts Center
  • Networking is only one of the many valuable tools the DCDC provides.  First Central State Bank is now able to spread the word on such things as Grilling for Charities, Bake Sales, Benefits and...

    - First Central State Bank
  • By hosting a Revive After Five in September, we were able to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with the DCDC membership and gain great exposure in our community.

    - Kathy Donahue, Hansen Monuments

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