If my employer is a member of the DeWitt Chamber & Development Company, does that make me a member?
Yes!  A DCDC membership covers the entire business (inclusive of employees). If your employer is a member, you can utilize all of the DCDC member benefits!

How do I update my company’s directory listing?
As a DCDC member, you have the ability to edit your own profile on our DCDC member directory. To access the member directory, go to the member login and enter your provided login and password information. If you do not have your user information, please request it by email to admin@dewittiowa.org.

How can my company be included in the Member Spotlight?
The Member Spotlight is paired up with the business hosting that particular month’s “Revive After Five” networking event.  If there is not a monthy Revive event scheduled, the Member Spotlight is on a first come first serve basis.  Email eventscoordinator@dewittiowa.org if you have additional questions regarding “Revive After Five” events or Member Spotlight.

If we are hosting an event, will the DCDC help us promote the event to their members?
We have several tools to help us communicate to our membership and the DeWitt community.  Many of these promotional resources could be available to you as a DCDC member!  Use this link to submit an event request to us.  See our promotion guideline document (link to PDF doc) for additional details.

Does the DCDC do something to acknowledge a new business or a business milestone?
Yes!  The DCDC, along with our Ambassadors, will schedule a visit to come to your business.  At the time of the visit we will present to you a “First Dollar” if you are a new business or a new business owner or a “Spotlight on Success” award if you are celebrating a significant business milestone or investment in the community.

Where can Chamber Bucks be used?
Chamber Bucks are redeemable at many of the 200 + DCDC members. Visit the Chamber Bucks page for more information about this successful program!

Have a question we haven’t covered?  Please contact us directly at 563-659-8500 or send us your question.

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  • Being a member of the DCDC has positively impacted our business by allowing us to get more involved in the community.

    - Marty Spies, Kunau Implement
  • Revive After Five events not only give business owners and employees an opportunity to network but also the ability to gather together and celebrate this wonderful place we call home.

    - First Central State Bank
  • The DCDC provides a direct link to community events and activities.  We, in turn, are able to provide information pertaining to such events to our customers.  Our community and its businesses can...

    - First Central State Bank
  • The DCDC presented Hansen Monuments with a “Spotlight of Success” award honoring our 25th year as a DeWitt business!   We can’t say enough good about the DCDC and our community support!... more
    - Kathy Donahue, Hansen Monuments

  • The DCDC provides strong relationships with local businesses by providing innovative marketing and incentives, all designed to maintain and build successful entrepreneurs.

    - Jane Mason & Kim Broders, Ruhl&Ruhl Realtors

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